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Radio’s Tree Adoption Campaign Taking Root, Branching Out

The Jakarta Post, Bogor. The tree adoption program organized by the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGP) and Jakarta’s Green Radio is proving very popular, with listeners and corporations already sponsoring 2,000 trees.

Former president Megawati Soekarnoputri is among the many individuals, communities and corporations to have adopted trees through the program.

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN has also pledged to adopt a 50-hectare stand of trees in TNGP.
Santoso, Green Radio’s director, said the program had been many months in the planning.
“It started out with an idea we proposed to Green Radio listeners. We ask whether they want to contribute and adopt trees in TNGP,” he said.

Green Radio has pledged to plant 4,000 trees in a 10-hectare plot in the park.
“However, for the first step, 2,000 trees were planted,” he said.
“The tree adoption is not restricted to radio listeners alone, but includes all the staff of Green Radio. I personally adopted 10 trees.”
Bambang Sukamanato, head of TNGP, said those interested in participating in the program would have to pay Rp 3,000 every month for three years, or a flat fee of Rp 108,000. He said some of the money raised would be used to help subsistence farmers in the park.
He added the program also served to educate the public on environment conditions in the Bogor and Cianjur highlands.
Renowned poet and journalist Goenawan Mohammad adopted 10 trees through Green Radio. He said besides helping to protect the environment, tree planting was also a way to atone for the severe deforestation gripping the country.
“Through this green movement, we can do something beneficial not just for ourselves, but also for others. Perhaps in 100 years’ time we will be fondly remembered for this,” he said.
Automotive manufacturing firm PT SKF Indonesia also adopted 400 trees through Green Radio. The company’s records indicate it generated 8,820 tons of carbon dioxide through its manufacturing, logistical and administrative activities in 2007.
“In every corporate activity, we contribute to environmental damage by producing carbon dioxide,” said Bono Rumbiono, director of SKF Indonesia.
He said these emissions could be offset by planting at least 274 new trees.
The tree adoption program was kicked off in late 2007 by TNGP, Conservation International (CI) and private consortium Gede Pangrango Halimun Salak (Gede Pahala), following the expansion of TNGP from 15,000 to 21,000 hectares after state-owned forestry firm PT Perhutani’s land was designated a protected forest.

[ Theresia Sufa, The Jakarta Post, Bogor | 07/12/2008 | City ]

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