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Migrant Raptor, A Beautiful Prey as Environment Parameter

By Dianing Kusumo, PILI Green Network October – October 10, 2010


Have you ever see and think how does the bird or raptor do their migrant behavior? How do they  put themselves in the sky and nature? To understand and get more info about this raptor, RAIN (Raptor Indonesia) held Monitoring and identification Migrant Raptor Technical Training Workshop 2010 (9-10 October 2010), as a part form Raptor Migration Festival. This workshop contain info about raptor, the type of raptor, how does the usual habit, and many info about how to monitoring the raptor.

This training was held to give a base skill for beginners, but it also open for any people who has an interesting to monitoring raptor as a hobby. But for the student here, who mostly take participate here, basically, this training aim to support the needs of basic info before the raptor monitoring. Also, there’s a hope from the coordinator of this workshop, Asman Adi Purwanto, said that it also can be a capacity building and to grow other people interest on raptor, not only for the student but also people who do this activity as hobby. Based on Asman opinion, this raptor monitoring activity rarely put attention from students or researcher, because rarely people can get research publication to support the raptor migrant status.

Since this workshop not only for the raptor lovers, but also for people who really want to get more info about raptor. Just like Yuria Oyama from Japan, Chiba. She has a background as bird scientist, and on this training she can figure it out what’s more different from birds and a bird of prey or raptor. On the second day, the participant will go to Puncak, to monitoring the raptor migrations. This raptor, has already fly from other region. And it probably came from Japan and China. Mr Kuswandono form Gunung Gede National Park, explain why does this monitoring activity consider important activity.

Because this raptor will fly to other warm place if there’s any food. But if it not, then they would not migrant through this area. “ So this area can be an environment parameter, that’s why, we can consider this activity is important”, Just like Mr Kuswandono said. But on the other hand, we can see this activity rarely happen, not only because the equipment took high prices but also there’s a community among raptors lover’s but they just link it with their group. And there are no publication about this activity. “If there’s any exchanging info about raptor amongs raptor monitoring group, I believe that will be a good chance to spread other information to other group”, Kuswandono said. At least today, we know that the migration of raptor can help us to monitoring the environment. Just like any other tagline we use to se, to save the nature, we also save the fauna also the ecosystem inside it.

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